About the band
Don't Forget Rupert are an exciting up and coming Indie Rock band from Nottingham with catchy melodies and an exciting energy! 

Ben Martin (Vocals)
Starting out as a solo performer in 2011, he played in local pubs and other small venues with just an acoustic guitar. In 2015, he formed a duo called Chromatic with a guy called Dan Spendlow. They performed covers at weddings and other functions. Eventually Ben and Lewis met and founded Don't Forget Rupert.
Ben is the songwriter for DFR and co-writes the bass lines with Lewis.

Lewis Henderson (Lead Guitar)
The cool and collective member. Lewis has only played guitar for a few years, not that you'd know. His music career started with a band called Chasing Redemption back in 2015 but that was shortlived and broke up after a few gigs. After meeting Ben through a 'join my band' website, he was quick to put his spin on Ben's songs and would stick it out through countless other members coming and going.

Adam Nettleship (Bass)
Adam joined late 2016 after being recruited by Ben at an open mic night. Performing mainly as session musician for wedding and events bands, this is his first proper band. Allergic to eggs and has a real passion for Wetsuits, you can't say he's not quirky.

Lou Coe - (Drums)
Having played from a young age achieving grade 8, Lou has played in a tonne of different bands. He joined DFR toward the end of 2015 as a side project whilst still playing with a band called 'For all the wrong reasons'. In early 2016, he quit due to a UK tour with FATWR. Unfortunately due to different musical interests, the band dissolved and Lou returned to DFR with more time to invest. He is also the brains behind the media side of things, producing and filming the videos and also recording the songs!